Prayer Points

18/11/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

James Tan – pray for the elections in the Youth coming up; pray for the pastor’s retreat; pray that God will guide the people in all of these events; pray for my prep for the Youth Service message in December

Heidi – pray for the people in the Philippines and that the donations will reach the people in need

Tim – pray for all the people affected by the recent typhoon; pray that we all have hearts to giving to them and the needy; pray for the Youth elections coming up; pray for the future of the MYF as next year feels uncertain; pray that God uses those who are willing to serve in new and different ways

Sven – pray for my upcoming job that I can find out what’s going on and be confirmed in it; pray for my aunt in Indonesia as she is planning to move in with us in Brisbane; pray for the attendees at Schoolies that they stay safe and think about the consequences of their actions

Rev. Lui – pray for the CMCA churches as the annual conference is coming up; pray for the stability of all churches during this time as some members like to voice their criticisms and concerns about their church, sometimes to those not in their church; pray for Gordon as he may change churches when he returns from Malaysia that he can fit in

Michael – pray that everyone stays safe in this storm season; pray for the grade 12ers in JMYF for their transition to uni and MYF

Bryan – thank God I survived the heavy rains and was able to come back here from Gold Coast

Joe – pray for my job searching

Yeron – pray for my summer course coming up

Daniel – thank God I was able to change the dates on my air tickets back to HK

Nelson – thank God my 3rd year in the company is done and I may find a new company to work for; pray for the spiritual life of the church; pray for the unity of the church; pray for the youth groups and small groups

Kevin Z. – thank God for his providence; pray that I can have a better understanding of scripture and his word; pray that we can get a new person in my team at work

11/11/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Victor – pray for everyone’s health as it’s exam period; pray that I can organise my birthday party

James Tan – pray for those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines; pray for friends in between jobs; pray for MYF, JMYF and Pastor’s retreat and the subsequent changes to follow (if any)

Heidi – pray for my family as my grandma is really sick that she will still be happy even approaching the end of her life

Sven – pray for my new job as I still haven’t started yet due to issues with legal changes in overseas workers; pray that my job status can be worked out as I am waiting for work (job not finalised) and might apply for other places; pray for my sister who is doing her final exam for her degree that she can graduate

Bryan – pray for my last exam tomorrow; pray for the weather for the next two weeks

Michael – pray for the government of the Philippines that they can react quickly to the effects of the typhoon; pray that other wealthy nations may help and provide assistance to the Philippines; pray for the JMYF and MYF elections coming up

Gordon – thank God I finished my exams today; pray for my return trip back home

Daniel – pray for my last exam tomorrow

Rev. Lui – pray for the aid for the Philippines typhoon victims

Samuel Lau – pray for my exam tomorrow; thank God He looked after me this year; pray for my return trip back home to HK

Clement – same prayers as Sam

04/11/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Tim – Pray for work, pray for my assistant and her difficulties at work – that she will find peace with her job situation and mental health; pray for the MYF election (in 3 weeks) and for the committee for next year; for everyone who’s in youth to stay motivated and keep focused on God

Heidi – Pray for this weekend – our expedition to upgrade the Sunday school – cleaning and painting – pray that it will be ok and that everything will turn out alright

Viv – Pray for a meeting with the principal on Wednesday – for a new position, sponsorship for studies

James T – Pray for my short message this Saturday

Sven – Thanks to God for getting a new job and am settling the contract at the moment, pray that everything will be ok; pray that I can stay in Brisbane as they want me overseas; pray for the victims of the NSW bushfire – for recovery and to be able to get back to their normal lives

Rev Lui – Pray that Australians can learn from their mistakes – for insurance and to think about getting protection for their house; pray for the annual conference sessions – the pastor’s retreat (22nd November onwards), the legislative council meeting and AMYC; pray for the spirit of Methodism as I feel it is watering down; pray that the Methodist conference goes well as there are 150 pastors

Joel – Thank God for finishing my first essay; pray for everything to go well

Clement – Pray for uni students and exams; for good health – as I was sick before

Sam Lau – Pray for time management

Daniel – Pray for concentration for all uni students

Michael – Pray for AMYC preparations, for Queensland – bikies and everyone else does not escalate; the JMYF election; thank God for the JMYF meeting on Sunday – that current leaders in JMYF have already considered their future leaders

Victor – Pray for health and to stay on path with God

Bryan – Pray for diligence and intelligence, sleeping routine

Kev – Pray that I can handle my workload

28/10/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Vivian – thank God for friends

Kevin – pray for Sunday School ministry

Sam Lau – pray for Clement who’s sick, pray for final exam, time management

Daniel – pray for revision and exams

RL –pray for district legislative sessions, that there will be a good consideration of the disciplines, to prevent problems, internally and externally

Brian – pray for study

Joel – thank God there aren’t many lessons this week. Pray for research essay and assignments

Victor – pray for health and energy

Heidi – thank God we did well on Bible quiz. Pray for Grandma’s health, she is starting to get sick.

James T. – Thank God for sustaining me through a busy week. Thank God for His grace and opportunities to serve. Pray for friends who are going through broken relationships that they may know God is with them, even if it feels like they’re going through a valley

21/10/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Victor – pray for my job interview on Wednesday & preparations, Bible Quiz study, skin & health

RL – thank God my shower and lamp problems were fixed. Thanks that Kevin has looked after Vivian well

Daniel – pray for exam revision, planning for after exam times / holidays

Joel – thank God I passed a busy week and am now more relaxed

Bryan – pray for good results on assignments. Pray for exams & time management of next 2 weeks

Kevin – pray for direction, where to serve/work, Bible Quiz study, Sunday School & new teachers next year, work & morale of team, hope they will get along, and pray for safety

Vivian – thanks that I survived panel day, and that it went well. Pray I will do well as a juror

Heidi – pray for bushfire victims, Bible Quiz study

James T. – thank God I made it through last week, pray for growth groups & Sunday School, Bible Quiz study

14/10/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Clement – time management in studying

Daniel – studies, pray for his mum & family as they are renovating their home in HK, pray they will adapt to temporary accommodation

Bryan – studying passion, father’s relative has recently been diagnosed with cancer, pray for God’s healing & comfort for his father

Gordon – thanks to God for a good day today & beautiful weather, able to spend time with friend

James T – friends going through tough times, his work

Heidi – even though it has been difficult to find a job, have also been able to spend extra time with family & God

Viv – big work meeting next Monday, pray she will do well

Kevin Z – priorities in life, dealing with struggles

Victor – good health for everyone

Joel – secondary school

7/10/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Vivian – thank God for a productive holiday; pray for a good finish to the year.

Tim – thank God I got through this weekend, especially after my car broke down and I got through worship leading the next morning; pray that we heed the words of the Bible that our material things won’t last a long time; pray for everyone’s health, especially my cough.

Bryan – pray that I can use my time wisely with exams and assignments.

Clement – thank God for holiday, pray for exams.

Sam Lau – thank God I can come here to Bible study again; pray for assignments and final exams.

Joel – praise God I finished my assignment this weekend; thank God I can have an opportunity to learn how to use English this year in Australia.

Victor – pray for my job search; pray for motivation to work hard; thank God for not getting sunburnt; pray for business ideas; pray for Wendy Tang’s assignment.

Heidi – pray for my job search; pray for my family’s health.

30/09/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Clement – thank God that I have the mid-semester break so that I can have a break; pray for my time management.

Samuel Lau – thank God for the mid-semester break and Family Camp; pray for my uni and time management.

Gordon – pray that I am able to clear my mind to be peaceful and joyful as I have had a lot of thoughts lately.

Bryan – thank God for Family Camp; pray for my assignments due this coming week.

Vivian – thank God for Family Camp as we got to bond with a lot of people we see at church but don’t know; pray for my study applications that they go well.

Heidi – pray for everyone who is studying that they can finish well and work hard; pray for the motivation to live a healthy life in many ways.

Victor – thank God for his leading and pray that his direction for me becomes more apparent.

Joel – thank God that I have adapted more to the life in Australia; pray that I can work hard so that I can go to UQ next year.

Daniel – thank God for the mid-semester break; pray that everyone can enjoy this break; pray for everyone that they can enjoy their work.

Michael – pray for church leaders current and future.

RL – pray for the attitude of the church members in attending church worship service that it is not about being entertained or gathering to sing songs but to be challenged and to prioritise our faith; pray that our church would be a church of mission.

Tim – pray for the church; pray for the youth that we remember why we go to church and why there is a church; pray that we submit to the authority of God and Christ’s teachings; pray for the MYF Committee meeting on Friday that it goes smoothly and people be ready to discuss the future; thank God for Family camp; thank God for getting better; thank God for being productive while being sick; pray for my workplace as there is change coming that we work hard to retain our jobs.

23/09/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Bryan – pray for my assignments; pray for Family Camp this weekend; pray for the unity of EMP church and my old church in HK.

Victor – thank God for good health; pray that everyone isn’t too stressed out at this time of the year (especially for studies).

Rev. Lui – pray for the leaders of the church that were just elected yesterday; pray for them that God will be helping us and healing us; pray for the attendance of Family Camp.

Joel – pray that I can make more friends and get used to Australia.

Vivian – pray for Family Camp that everything will run smoothly; pray that we can use our spiritual gifts to help unite the church.

Clement – thank God for the camp in my church I just attended (Family Camp), and thank God for speaking to me through the topic; pray that God will keep fuelling my spiritual growth.

Gordon – pray that I can get my sleeping pattern right so I can be more disciplined.

Daniel – pray for everyone who is busy with work and study; pray for my spiritual walk that I can continue to study the Bible even when I’m busy.

Michael – pray for our church and its leaders; pray for those going through stressful times that they continue to trust and rely on God.

Heidi – pray for all the people in Kenya affected by the recent shooting.

16/09/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Victor – thank God for everything, especially for my job and for providing for me.

Tim – pray for Second Local Conference coming up this Sunday, pray that all the members attend and pray that God’s will be done in it; thank God for Mid-Autumn Festival and the people involved in the MYF item, thank God for seeing a lot of new people at the service; pray for Sven’s safe flight back on Friday night.

Heidi – pray for those in Colorado (USA) which is in flooding that everyone will be found; pray for Family Camp coming that it would be safe, happy and a place of learning.

James Tan – pray for work; pray for tonight’s Bible Study session.

Daniel – pray for everyone who is busy with study or work.

Clement – pray for my spiritual growth as I’ve been spiritually lazy for a long time.

Gordon – pray that I can finish my assignment by tomorrow.

Michael – pray for unity in the EMP and Sherwood Methodist churches; pray for the upcoming leaders for next year for MYF and JMYF.

Bryan – pray for concentration and diligence in studies as there are assignments coming.


26/08/13 Bible Study Prayer Points

Ps. Dexter

  • Pray for the settlement of my house
  • Pray for Lynn and Nick
  • Pray for strength

James T.

  • Pray for my short message this week


  • Pray for everyone’s health


  • Pray for the MYF item for the Mid-Autumn festival
  • Pray that I can be a better witness at work
  • Pray for my parents and what they want to do in the future
  • Pray for settlement of our house
  • Pray I can finish Bridge to Brisbane


  • Pray for my mum’s health


  • Pray for study and assignments


  • Pray for study and for my presentation tomorrow


  • Pray for my health, especially when I’m busy
  • Pray for the next few weeks as I will be busy