Sep 27

Welcome to the new EMP Youth website!

Hi everyone!

As you have probably noticed, we have finally moved on to a new Youth website design! Woohoo! I have been sick for the last week or so and finally had the time/motivation to make the transition. I must also thank a certain Mr. Dionysius for his previous work with the site, which lasted 5+ years (it was for so long I can’t actually remember exactly!). So you might be wondering, apart from the appearance what has actually changed? Well in short:

  • The platform which the website is run on has been moved to a newer one, which basically means it should have less security problems and be 342% easier to maintain and update
  • It is also a lot easier to edit the site and add/change the content and design

Otherwise most of the content on here is similar to the old site, so feel free to have a look around and…

  • Read posts written by Youth people (I copied the posts from the old website from only the last 2 years)
  • Keep track of upcoming events/Youth programs
  • See what people have been praying for
  • Check out the links to some of the other CMCA churches/youth groups (that have websites)
  • Use it to give info to people interested in coming to EMP

If you notice any problems, shoot me an email, but otherwise, ENJOY!

-Tim Fong