Jun 29

Arms Open Wide

In the last post, Sime reflected on his first camp experience and why camp is so important to him. With camp now just around the corner, I  wanted to take just a little time to reflect on this year’s theme: Arms Open Wide.

Why did we choose such a theme? I’m sure there are many reasons, which would probably take too long to go into. But perhaps I can offer a bit of a different spin on one of the aspects of this theme.

I’ll start off with this preface: every one of us, no matter how “good”, has made mistakes. But I believe that there is a God (the one and only), who is perfect and yet at the same time cares for us despite our mistakes – enough so to want us to be with Him and not be mistake-riddled any longer. Imagine if you had a friend who kept stealing from you, backstabbing you and breaking promises. Would you want to be his/her friend any longer? Probably not… and yet that’s what God is like with us.

Even as Christians, I think that we can still sometimes forget this amazing fact. We can become discontented with our situation, grumbling and angry. We forget who we are as children of Christ. His grace is enough for us.

What does that mean? It can be a difficult concept to come to terms with, and leads to many other questions. Is God’s grace really all I need? What about all my struggles? How can I always be thankful and joyful? Is God telling is that me that I shouldn’t grieve, shouldn’t feel hurt, shouldn’t be sad when tragedies and tribulations occur?

I don’t believe that God forbids us from mourning and sadness. I don’t believe that He forbids frustration and pain. But I do believe that as Christians, we should not lose sight of God’s overwhelming love for us, which covers and arches over everything. Christ came to earth, lived as a man, and suffered and died. He understands our struggles. But He also rose to life. He conquered sin, which prevents us from experiencing what life should be like – eternally, with God; forever. Our sorrows are so brief in comparison.

That is what we learn to be thankful and joyful about, even in the midst of all the suffering present on this earth. His arms are always there; ready to accept us when we repent, ready to comfort us in times of sorrow, ready to lift us nearer to Him and to follow His leading.

His arms are scarred with His love for us. His arms are open wide, for us.

-Emily Lim