Apr 26

Take Notice

From young we are taught to be self-sufficient, I still remember proudly telling my parents, “I can do it myself!” Then I’d quickly unbuckle my seat belt, just to slot it back in again – I know, genius. Even as we grow up, we continue clinging onto this sense of self-sufficiency. We want to believe that we are capable and useful, not needing anyone else’s help. I blame old-school Beyonce and her independent women. As grown adults, we usually find it extremely uncomfortable to reveal our weaknesses to others. There is even the odd occasion when we might lose our self-control and our stress and desperation may materialize into outbursts of anger, but we’d still rather THAT than plea for help and understanding.

I wanted to share this devotion (click to read it) from Our Daily Bread about taking notice of those around us who may need help or care. It isn’t common for people to ask for help, so it’s important that we keep our eyes open to anticipate the needs of others. Even on a good day, I’m usually too self-centred and concerned about my own needs and wants, that I often realize I had missed the chance to show the love of Jesus to someone else. Maybe you can help a stranger carry something heavy, talk to someone standing alone at church, offer a lift to friends (not strangers please), or just say hello and check up on an old friend through Facebook… If we take the initiative, it makes it much easier for the other side to respond if they wish to do so. Let’s pray that God will help us to be attentive of those around us who are in need of His love, and be ready to act on the call of His Holy Spirit.

-Serena Huang