Apr 01


So you want to be involved in ministry in the church? Don’t know how to go about it? Read on!

So you’re in ministry? Want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Read on!

Never thought about being involved? Feel like you don’t have the skills or that you’re not needed? Read on!

Ministry is a great way for us to give back to God and offer our time and efforts to his kingdom. It helps us to discover and develop the heart of serving that Christ first showed us. It helps those around us (including the Youth/church) by being the hands and feet that help to make up the body of the church. Ultimately it’s to serve God.

“I want to be involved in ministry”

Ministry is not about being a leader, a manager, a superstar or to be the very best (like no one ever was… DUN DUN DUN). Ministry = serving. It’s as simple as that. The more you serve God in ministry, the more you serve others.

So… You want to be in ministry, but how do you go about it?

  1. Tell someone! People aren’t mind-readers, you need to be proactive for those around you to recognise your willingness. Your best choice is to talk to one of the leaders.
  2. Where? So you might want to be in ministry but aren’t sure what you want to do (or just want to help out wherever is needed). If you’re the latter, then you’d better be prepared to do literally anything – wash dishes, setup chairs, take out the garbage, insert bulletins. It’s the small things that help the church to run smoothly. If you’re the former, then (a) you can always start with the small things – there are always dishes to wash; and (b) find where your passions lie and talk to your leaders to see if they have seen any particular gifts in you.
  3. Commit! Working in ministry doesn’t always happen overnight. It takes time, effort and commitment to work in a ministry. It might be good to help out at a special event every now and then, but the willing, serving heart needs to flow out consistently.
  4. Do it! Many times in life we are standing in the doorway of something. All it takes is that one step forward and we are inside. This is where your willingness to serve should power you through that one giant leap for … well, you know.
  5. Don’t give up! If you are passionate to serve but don’t get the opportunity to do so, talk to your leaders who can assist with that. If you feel like you have failed or not done well, just relax. All of the Youth leaders (and I mean ALL) that ever came through MYF have failed on multiple occasions; but through failure comes the opportunity to grow ourselves as a person and to grow ourselves in Christ-like holiness.

“I’m already in ministry”

How often do we get asked to help out with things and our natural, almost automatic response is ‘Yes’? I recently said ‘No’ to a few requests for ministry work because I knew that it would overlap with my existing ministries and would be detrimental to both. Doing more isn’t necessarily good ministry. People who are spread too thin might be busy ministry workers, but being busy is not synonymous with effective ministry work. The most effective ministry workers are those who know how to focus their priorities.

Somewhere along the way in ministry work, it’ll eventually become about doing the next required task and getting the job done, and less about our heart. Remember that all of our actions come back to our heart and while our actions may appear to be as usual, it is often the heart of ministry that suffers. We serve because we love. Take time out to refocus your ministry work to be about and purposely for God. We want our ministry to be effective – but before we do anything comes our heart, for our words and our actions are the overflow of the heart.

“I don’t have the skills to be in ministry” or “There’s already a lot of people in that ministry”

Firstly, the number of people serving in ministry should never stop you from serving. There is always opportunity to serve in some form, even if it’s not in the ministries that are big or up the front (e.g. worship leaders, music, etc.)

  • Are you capable of talking to people? Then why not step away from your friends for 5 minutes and talk to the new guy?
  • Shy? Why not offer to wash some dishes where no interaction is required… with the exception of interacting detergent and water with dirty plates and cups.
  • Don’t think you have any musical talent? Why not help out with audio/visual? I’m 100% certain you know how to use a mouse and keyboard.
  • Don’t think there is any space on the roster to help out? The roster is not the extent of the areas of serving. You could serve in ministry by talking to the new guy. You could serve in ministry by encouraging others or sharing the gospel. You could help by stacking and moving chairs, or even inserting bulletins. There are always opportunities to serve that do not appear in the structured roster and while these may not seem grand, it is part of our loving heart to others, to the church and to God.

This has been a pretty long post, so if you’ve made it to the bottom, then you win. You finally defeated Gary Oak and Pikachu finally evolved into Raichu, and you finally caught all 151 Pokemon… Oh wait.

Serving in ministry is not about being in the spotlight and getting praises from others. It’s about showing our love for God in the church and responding to God’s own command to serve one another just as Christ had become the servant of all.


-Michael Fong